Best Richmond BC law firm

Best Richmond BC law firm


We have put together a list of the Best Richmond BC law firms. We believe this list will help people find the best lawyer to help them with their legal needs.

Most people don’t ever want to use a lawyer unless they absolutely need to. Because hiring a Richmond lawyer might be out of the budget for some people they may actually take a big risk and go to court and represent themselves.

This is okay if the issue is a small matter, such as small claims court (lawsuit under $25,000 in British Columbia.) But if you are in a serious legal situation, such as a divorce or being criminally charged, there is a lot on the line. If you lose a family law trial, you may lose your house or your children. If you lose a criminal trial, you may lose your freedom and have a hard time finding employment.

These situations are not the time to try and save a few thousand dollars. It sucks having to pay lawyers retainers, especially when you are already saving hard times. However, would you save a few thousand dollars but give up your house or children? The answer should be obvious.

The Wealthy Franchise put together a list of three of the Best Richmond BC law firms that we could find. We based our decision based on price, accessibility, and how helpful the Richmond law firms website was.

Best Richmond BC law firm:

  1. Acumen Law Corporation– This law firm focuses on criminal law and has a ton of information on their website.
  2. Spraggs & Co. Law Corporation– This law firm seems to focus on personal injury law. They have a helpful questions and answers section on their website. You can learn more about personal injury in BC here.

Do you agree with our list of the Best Richmond BC law firm? Let us know your experiences with Richmond BC lawyers!

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