Bon Macaron investment opportunity

Bon Macaron investment opportunity

Bon Macaron investment opportunity

Bon Macaron is a fast growing company that will open new storefront locations across Canada and eventually into the USA. We want to open in the following locations: Surrey, White Rock, Burnaby, Banff, Whistler and Calgary. Interested in the Bon Macaron investment opportunity? Read on!

Bon Macaron is not currently a franchise.

Bon Macaron investment opportunity

We have two investment opportunities:

Step 1- Open a full sized location with a kitchen and open one satellite location near by. You will receive the rights to an entire city. The fee covers the kitchen store completely, and you will also receive the rights to open satellite stores throughout the entire city.

Step 2- Once your full sized store is open, you can open satellites in malls or outdoor retail venues.

5 year timeline:  

YEAR 1: Open a store that has a kitchen.

YEAR 3:  Open a store in the mall or luxury hotel such as the Fairmont Hotel… Have a branded van from the kitchen store drop off products at the mall store. Each refrigeration Van costs around $50,000 so we will have to retain profits to afford this or the van can also be leased.

The following services are centralized out of head office in Vancouver, British Columbia:

1) Accounting (book-keeping, billing, accounts payable, and payroll)

2) Marketing (conducted in house using social media and free give away’s

Bon Macaron leases their equipment and 60% of the lease can be put towards purchasing the equipment at the end of the lease.

The owners David and Yann are both from France and they wanted to bring something French to Victoria BC. They created a low cost macaron ($1.50 per macaron) and the brand quickly grew in Victoria BC.

After years of growth in Victoria, they decided to open two locations in Vancouver BC. Victoria had little competition for Bon Macaron, so they wanted to see how they would do in Vancouver where the market is more competitive.

With the success of both Vancouver stores, Bon Macaron is now looking to open locations across Canada and the US in malls and tourist towns.

Bon Macaron is putting all of its creative energies into improving its products by continuing to develop innovative and healthier dessert options.

We are seeking enthusiastic individuals who have the potential to master our operating system and are willing to be trained to our rigorous standards. We may also have passive investment opportunities available for qualified buyers.

Bon Macaron has financials upon the signing of an NDA.

*This message does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy either shares in a security. The participation of any qualified consultants in the expansion of Bon Macaron’s business will be strictly subject to all applicable securities regulations. This opportunity is only available to certain qualified individuals, and is subject to Bon Macaron’s approval, policies and practices. To obtain more information on the Bon Macaron investment opportunity, please contact our investor relations manager Alistair Vigier at 778-676-3808 or email

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