Burlington Family Law

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Burlington family law

Burlington family law news…

Clearway Law just opened a new family law firm!

The building above is where their office will be located. How cute! We wish the new office success.


Clearway Law is opening a new family law practice in Burlington Ontario. The new law firm is at 562 Maple Avenue, Burlington, ON, L7S 1M6. The picture above is the building our law firm is located in. We connected with Ryan Carson of Carson Law last winter and we decided to go into a partnership. Ryan Carson works in intellectual property (IP), corporate law, and real estate law. You can view the website of Carson Law here.

Ontario is the largest province in terms of population in Canada so we are thankful to finally be providing legal advice there!

Burlington family law- Clearway Law Services:

Child support:

The Child Support Guidelines is used to layout the rules for child support debates. This is used to decide on how much will be paid to one spouse per month and the amount of time each parent will have with the child. The parent who has the child most of the time is normally the one who is entitled to child support payments. Please note this is not always the case.


The first step of getting divorced is usually a one year separation where both parties live apart and separate finances. The hope of the Divorce Act is that the married couple will get back together in this one year period. There are exceptions to this one year rule as laid out in the Divorce Act.

Wills and estate:

Please click here to view an education video on wills and estates.

If you are looking for a Burlington family law firm or estate disputes help please call Clearway Law today at 778-676-3808 or text the same.

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