Why Chinese love western Canada?







Chinese love western Canada. You are interested in doing business with Chinese business people, but not sure where to start?

You know you will have to be prepared to deal with language barriers, a different political system, and cultural custom barriers not to mention time zones in many cases.

Why care about the Chinese market? The size of China is mind-boggling: 1.3 billion people live in that country – that is one fifth of the world’s population. Even with China’s economy weakening and the government dropping interest rates, it is still second in size only to the US.

We are a franchise consulting and expansion company; The Wealthy Franchise. Our staff and partners have done work with organizations including: Tutor Doctor, The Reef Restaurant, UPS, Padgett Business Services and many others. We see a continuing trend on the west coast of Canada.

In both Victoria and Vancouver BC, Chinese buyers continue to purchase thousands of homes and businesses. But why in particular the west coast of Canada? Western franchises are very popular in China.macdonalds

To understand why the Chinese want to expand their business presence beyond China, it is important to understand some of the Chinese national issues.

The Politics: 

There is one political party in China, which is the Communist State. There are no elections and to be successful in China one must make connections with party members.

The communist party makes every decision, whether it involves the Ministry of Health, National Defense, the banking systems…etc. Every business over a certain size has a member of the communist party assigned to the company to monitor the business.

As China has turned into this mix of capitalist opportunities within a communist system, many business owners are left with a complicated system of working closely with the government but wanting to expand internationally.

Beijing recognizes that members of the communist party of China have migrated to places like Victoria, Vancouver and Toronto. China investigates those companies that have expanded to Canada, from afar.

The Environment: 







Everyone who has been to western Canada is amazed by the quality of life including our air and the outstanding beauty. This is in contrast to certain cities in China where the population is overwhelming, leaving little room to expand.

Western Canada boasts the mildest winter in Canada. Daily temperatures rarely rise above 30 ºc or fall below 0 ºc. Winters tend to be rainy but not very cold and of course our summers are dry, but with a nice ocean breeze.

Regardless of what your opinion is of Chinese immigration, one thing is for certain, western Canada is going to become even more multi-cultural. Canadian business people who plan to work with the Chinese business community have endless opportunities. Understanding the cultural, political and global issues that make this work effectively will result in a smoother working relationship.

Chinese love western Canada

The Wealthy Franchise is here to deal with some of these issues on your behalf. Please contact us anytime to ask questions and to guide you along with these relationships. We have two investment opportunities we are currently offering.

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