Franchising Your Business

Franchising Your Business

The Wealthy Franchise consults to both existing franchise operation with years of experience in their market and hundreds of franchisee locations as well as emerging franchises. We are very selective in the companies we work with because it is important to have the right mix along with a world-class management team. Our clients include: Law Firms, Nutrition Stores, Print Industry, Senior’s Care, Retail and the Food industry. If you are interested in franchising your business, please text Alistair Vigier at 778-676-3808.

The Wealthy Franchise networks almost every day of the week. We attend Chamber  of Commerce Events, Tourism Industry Meetings, Trade Shows, Seminars and much more. We talk with business owners all the time and often engage in detailed discussions about how a business can enter the franchise world. It can be a daunting decision to make for a business owner looking to expand.

It costs money and resources! We can help if you are ready to seriously investigate the franchising market. We have seen the paths to success and have also seen companies fail.

Franchising Your Business

You need to have money to expand. In order to take the first steps, you will need documentation:

Franchise Operations Manual
Franchise Collateral and Marketing Materials
Application Forms
Franchise Agreements
Franchise Disclosure Agreements

…are a good start. You need a professionally web site built by a dependable technical team to help you with optimization, keyword analysis, Google pay-per-click, on-line forms and other technologies.

Franchise resources

You will also need the resources to support your franchisees. A team of knowledgeable staff will make the difference with happy franchise owners. There is training to consider for the new owners, how to address lead generation and lead management, finding a perfect location and many other items. After all, you want your “zees” to be successful as quickly as possible. You have entered into a long-term relationship and the future of your brand depends on successful arms of your business.

How do you establish a price for the initial Fee? What royalties do you charge? Should the marketing fund be 2% or more, or less. And most importantly, how will you invest the marketing funds you collect? It is an art and a science that can be very expensive. If you collect $100k every year, should you spend it on advertising in industry magazines, in business journals, radio, on-line?

There are so many things to consider. The Wealthy Franchise can provide you with some ideas on what will be required to get started. Our advise is free and we have programs that will help you expand your brand. We can customize your documentation needs as listed above for less than $10k. Our goals are to create a culture of success, prepare you for what’s ahead and find franchise buyers to join your business. We only get paid when we find prospects who ultimately sign contracts. We work on commission however we can be involved at a variety of levels including: initial fees, royalties and profit sharing.

The Wealthy Franchise is available to talk with you about starting your franchise or expanding your brand and we have over 25 years experience in sales, marketing and management.

If you are interested in franchising your business, please contact:

Alistair   778-676-3808    email


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