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The Wealthy Franchise is very pleased to announce the signing of our new client… Hart Legal is a Canadian legal franchise.

The law firm is interested in taking their legal firm into the marketplace to establish franchise opportunities with lawyers and nonlawyers  across Canada and eminently into California. With headquarter offices in Victoria and locations in Vancouver and Calgary, the time is right to expand the business according to Managing Partner, Founder and Senior Counsel, Darren Hart.

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legal franchise


The Wealthy Franchise is here to answer your questions. We are franchise and business consultants to franchise organizations including: Padgett “the small biz pros”, Rayacom Print & Design, and of course Hart Legal.

Our portfolio also includes: restaurants and food mall outlets, coffee shops, clothing stores. We also franchise fitness centers and others we are finalizing contracts with.

We are always looking to add the right mix to our great clients.

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If you would like to invest in a legal franchise (Hart Management Inc), please call us at 778-676-3808.

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