Investors Bearish Of Canadian

Investors bearish of Canadian market

I was reading that Manulife Financial had done a report on investor sentiment in Canada. The report said that Canadians no longer had much confidence in mutual funds, real estate, and exchange-traded funds. We frequently read about how the real estate market in Vancouver is out of control. Investors bearish of Canadian market seem to be in all the papers.

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The report said that investors in eastern Canada were the most positive where as investors in provinces such as Quebec and Alberta were the most skeptical. Frances Donald who is the senior economist for Manulife Financial said “Canadian investors are facing a long list of uncertainties.”

Investing in franchises in uncertain markets can be a fantastic choice. It reduces a lot of the macroeconomic risks of other asset classes that are dependent on interest rates or currency exchanges.

Investors bearish of Canadian market

Legal franchise

A good franchise opportunity in Canada and the USA is HART Legal. They are a successful law firm with locations in Victoria, Vancouver, and Calgary. While the name has changed over the years, HART Legal has been in business since 1992. HART Legal is growing rapidly, currently expanding into Los Angeles, Toronto, Edmonton, Burnaby and Richmond.

We are looking for non-lawyers to invest in our franchise system and to open locations in new high opportunity regions. The investor would pay a franchise fee of $50,000 to open the office and would provide a two-year $50,000 loan to the office. In return the investor would be entitled to 50% of the profits that the franchise location receives. We are currently looking to open more locations in Los Angeles and Las Vegas to take advantage of the dollar exchange rate.

This article was written by Alistair Vigier, a consultant of HART Legal. HART Legal is a law firm with locations in Victoria, Vancouver and Calgary. They are currently opening locations in Burnaby, Richmond, Calgary, Edmonton, Los Angeles, and Toronto.

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