Is print dead?

The Wealthy Franchise has just signed Rayacom Print & Design as a client. We understand the print business well and we always get asked “Is print dead?”

The answer is that print isn’t dead, but it’s changing. In the 80’s, the printing industry exploded with the creation of desktop publishing technology such as Aldus PageMaker and the Mac. Print shops were popping up on every block corner it seemed. Print back then was a lot different than the technology we see today. As the saying goes, “back in the 80’s you could have any color you wanted, as long as it was black”!

In recent years however, many of those print shops that did so well for  30 years have been going out of business. So what happened?

Many print shop owners are now in their 60’s and are having a hard time adjusting to the new market. Most often, print shops have little to no social media, do not manage their PR, have no online store, and have few ideas of how to target the new generation. They strongly believe that word of mouth is still the best way to grow their client list. This philosophy is bringing many print shops to a final close.

Competition from copy centers is also putting pressure on print shops as well. There is a general misconception that copy centers are less expensive than printers. Copy centers are great for very small quantities but as quantities increase and requirements become more complex, they typically become far more expensive than print shops.

Is print dead?

So The Wealthy Franchise asks “is print dead”?

Certain printing companies such as Rayacom Print & Design that can adjust to the modern times are flourishing. Those shops that can properly reach out to the new generation and stay up to date with technology are buying out 30 year old print businesses.

Have you heard of 3D printers? Much like the start of the internet and the computer revolution, these machines will change the print industry like never seen before.  Resolutions are improving and costs are decreasing all the time. This exciting new technology is destined to provide all kinds of exciting new opportunities for print shops.

If you want to get involved with a printing company that is changing the industry, please give us a call. Rayacom Print & Design is actively looking to open up new locations all over Canada.

The Wealthy Franchise is here to answer your questions.  We are consultants to many franchise organizations such as Rayacom Print & Design.

Our portfolio includes: printing stores, restaurants and food mall outlets, accounting firms, coffee stores, clothing stores, legal firms, fitness centers and many more.


We no longer sell for Rayacom Print. We are always updating our client list to find the most profitable businesses for our investors. We do have two clients that have great financials. HART Legal and Bon Macaron.

Please contact Alistair to learn more at 778-676-3808

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  • Alistair Vigier says:

    Well done. The tactile form of print is coming back in vogue. People are beginning to realize that emails and social media are only one form of communication

    -Derek Allan (Fotoprint Ltd)

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