Law firm Business Expansion

Law firm Business Expansion

Law firm business expansion

Law firm business expansion

Hart Legal is rapidly expanding with the opening of many new locations. Under their expansion plan, Hart Legal now has reported family law firms in Vancouver, Victoria, Surrey, Richmond, North Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Beverly Hills, and Newport Beach. Darren Hart has been running the law firm for 21 years, even though the law firm changed its’ name from Berge Hart Cassels to HART Legal 5 years ago.

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Hart Legal works in a very specific area of law. They help clients with their questions in the following areas:

●Power of Attorney
●Probate process
●Executor of will
●Family law
●Divorce consultation
●Spousal support

Darren Hart plans to eventually create a franchise model for lawyers that want to convert their law firms under the HART Legal brand. Most lawyers want to spend time working on their clients legal needs but do not want to worry about audits, trust accounts, accounting and marketing. HART Legal is interested in speaking with any lawyers who have a practice and may want to join them.

Law firm locations

Darren Hart reported that their next locations for family law firms that they are opening are located in southern Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Miami, Anaheim, Riverside and Pasadena. They are also looking for individuals who wish to bring their business knowledge and capital to HART Legal to enable them to open family law firms in San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento, Oakland and San Jose. Within Canada they would like to open family law firms in Winnipeg, greater Toronto and Ottawa.

Hart Legal is a unique business model and they would like to share it with you. It is not appropriate to post it online so please contact them for more information. You do not need to be a lawyer to contact them as they have many different business opportunities.

Interested in learning more about the Law firm business expansion plan? Call Hart Legal.

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