Law firm franchise opportunities- Beverly Hills

Law firm franchise opportunities- Beverly Hills

Law firm franchise opportunities

law firm franchise opportunities

Are you looking for law firm franchise opportunitiesHART Legal is excited to open their first law firm franchise in the USA located in beautiful Beverly Hills, California. They will be serving their clients’ needs for family law, estate litigation, and injury claims. HART Legal has been in business for 24 years in Canada. The law firm did what other Canadian law firms were scared to do, grow the law firm into the USA.

They are opening July 1, 2016! Their location will be at 9465 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 300, Beverly Hills, California.

Even though the location will not be opened for a few more months, please call them for a free 30 minute initial consultation at their Beverly Hills, California law firm at 1-877-788-9477.

At HART Legal, every day starts fresh. They take great satisfaction in working hard, working smart and getting things done for our clients – all while maintaining a positive, can-do attitude and a standard for the firm of nothing less than excellence.

They have a special talent for understanding changes, spotting future trends and finding innovative solutions. HART Legal is relentlessly committed to exceptional customer service and delivering outstanding legal results.

If you have any questions related to HART Legal or franchising in general, please contact The Wealthy Franchise today! There are law firm franchise opportunities available in your town today!

*Please note HART Legal has moved away from the law firm franchise model. HART Legal now has an updated model! Please contact HART Legal for more details here. Instead of offering law firm franchise opportunities we are structured as a joint venture. The law firm also has been plans, such as doing an initial public offering in the future. IPO’s often lead to excellent returns for initial investors. If you are interested, call HART Legal investor relations manager at 778-676-3808 or email him at his email AVigier @ hart-legal .com (we spaced out the email to avoid email spam.)

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