Law firm franchise questions

Hart Legal Law firm Franchise

Are you interested in investing in a law firm franchise? We have put together some questions and answers for your review.

Q: What criteria do investors need to meet to become a franchise owner in HART Legal Franchise?

A: Have the financial means and be of good character. Also need to meet security law requirements.


Q: Will we have exclusive territory?

A: Yes.


Q: Do you help with site location?

A: Yes.


Q: How long does it take to get our doors open?

A: Depends on the location found and how long it takes to hire lawyers. Normally 3 months.


Q:Have any of the Hart Legal Franchises failed?  If so, please explain.



Q:What marketing/advertising do you do for locations?

-Search engine optimization.

-Putting video on our website showing off the new locations. This will be followed up by a call to action (call now, email now).

-We will try different types of marketing activities and measure the results. We will focus on what brings in the most clients and drop what doesn’t work.

-Manage proper client retention programs. We want to be sending out support cards to encourage referrals. Doing simple things like sending Christmas cards to past clients can lead to new referrals.

-We will write blogs about the new locations. This helps with SEO.

-We will provide you with marketing material that has already been created by professional designers.

-We spend a lot of time networking on Linkedin. This is an easy way to gain referrals.

-Continually update our marketing plan with what we learn from our marketing efforts from across Canada and the US. We might uncover a fantastic marketing activity in Calgary and implement it in Toronto. As always, businesses should always be evolving.

*Please note HART Legal has moved away from the law firm franchise model. HART Legal now has an updated model! Please contact HART Legal for more details.

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