Law Firm Referrals

Law Firm Referrals

Author: Hart Legal

HART Legal is looking to open new family law firms inside already existing law firms across Canada, UK and the USA. We want to connect with partners of law firms to set up new joint ventures.The concept is to set up referral arrangements within one office space and send work to each other in the different areas of law that we practice in.

Law firm referrals

HART Legal is willing to pay 10% on our receipts for work that is referred to us. For work that HART Legal refers to the existing law firm we would get paid 10% on billings as well. HART Legal would refer work in the areas of law that the existing law firm works in. HART Legal would receive referrals in the areas of family, injury and estate litigation.

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The existing law firm would offer office space to HART Legal on a per need basis. We would advertise for clients using that office address on our marketing. We would contract with a family lawyer that would meet clients at that office at no cost to HART Legal. The actual work on the files would take place at another location.

Work that came in from that office would count as a referral fee for the existing law firm. HART Legal would put up a sign at the existing law firm to attract family law work. HART Legal would advertise for the area of law that the existing law firm works in and refer work to that office.

Reach out to us to set up law firm referrals

Please contact us for more information. You can go to the HART Legal website or call Alistair Vigier at 778-676-3808 for more information. HART Legal has a number of law firms they work with in Vancouver BC, and they want to set up deals in Toronto Ontario.

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