HART Legal opens a new law firm in Saskatoon!

Law Firm Saskatoon

Author: The Wealthy Franchise

Our client Hart Legal is about to open a new law firm in Saskatoon, SK. With the help of The Wealthy Franchise, we connected the right investor with HART Legal and they now have plans to open a new law firm in Regina, SK! The Wealthy Franchise is always on the lookout for qualified buyers, so if you are looking for a franchise, please get in touch.

Please have a look at the blog that Hart Legal wrote below for more information!


Family law firm in Saskatoon

HART Legal plans to open a new family law firm in Saskatoon August 15, 2016! The plan is to open in 2366 Avenue C N, Saskatoon, SK. Our office will be located in the airport business area of Saskatoon, near the Saskatoon International Airport. Our law firm will be helping the people of Saskatoon with their family law, estate disputes, injury claims, divorce, and spousal support questions.

Law firm Saskatoon phone number: 778-676-3808

Here are a few facts about Saskatoon:

•Saskatoon is the largest city in the province of Saskatchewan. It has a population of 305,000, which is slightly larger than Regina.

•Saskatoon is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada in terms of population!

•The main industry in Saskatchewan is potash, wheat and oil.

•Saskatoon is also known as the bridge city because of the numbers of bridges in the city that help citizens cross the Saskatchewan River.

law firm Saskatoon

Hart Legal plans to open family law firms all across Canada and into the USA. We recently opened new law firms in North Vancouver, Surrey, and Richmond in the Vancouver area. We also just opened our first law firm in Ontario located in downtown Toronto. In July 2016, HART Legal also opened two law firms in the greater Los Angeles area. These law firms are located in Beverly Hills and Newport Beach.

Law firm Saskatoon is ready to take your calls. Contact Hart Legal today. 778-676-3808

In Canada, Hart Legal plans to open law firms in Winnipeg, Halifax, Kelowna, Ottawa, Regina and the greater Toronto area.


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