Four Major Marketing Goals all Businesses Should Invest In

Retain and Grow Relationships with Existing Clients
The Wealthy Franchise has worked with many clients in a wide range of demographics. The old saying of “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”, makes perfect sense. Any business works the hardest getting new clients so it is critical to engage with those clients to create repeat business and make them your continuing chance at success. It can be as simple as rewards cards, email campaigns, special offers or social media connecting.

A coffee shop may see a client every day of the week. A legal firm may see their client once a year. Both are equally important and every client needs attention and top of mind connections. A legal firm hopes to get real estate transactions, wills, corporate work and other family and business matters. These things add up and something as simple as an invitation to an open house, a birthday wish or thank you note can keep your clients coming back.

Attract New Clients and Develop New Businessimages
If the latest results are accurate and we are fairly certain they are, so many of your future clients will be searching the internet to find out about your business. Potentially 80%+ of your future business results from google searches. It is extremely important to insure you have all aspects of your on-line solutions working effectively. Your website needs to look professional and accurate without broken links, spelling or grammar errors. Social media does not have to cost huge amounts of time or money. Consistent messaging done the right way can pay large dividends. If your business is starting out, perhaps a pay-per-click campaign is worth considering in the short term. Ranking is meant for the long-term so you also need effective content with the right keywords and blogs that are well written. Google analytics help you monitor results

If you think of a business that wants to grow by $100k in 2015, and 80% of that growth is driven by the internet, investing $5-10k in blogs, social media or a revised web-site results in substantial return on investment. And you should have clients for life if they like your services or products and are treated well. The return on investment at this point after a few years can be the difference in a successful business.

Increase Name Recognition and Awarenesshart-legal
Brand awareness is such a big deal these days. No longer do you have to spend millions of dollars in magazine ads alone to build your name. With the internet and virtual business concepts, a company can grow its brand smartly with wise use of precious marketing funds, if handled by professionals.

So many companies struggle with the definition of their brand because they don’t listen to their staff and clients. We’ve been involved in branding exercises for a well-known private club recently. The main players all had different ideas on what their brand was really all about. In the end, the club was about different things to different members. The common thread however was the dining experience. Voila “the brand is their food”. It’s quite simple when we stop trying so hard and look at what members are talking about.

Create Targeted and Effective Communicationsactive-body
There are so many ways to communicate your message. Social media has become so popular…Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter. They all have a profound effect on a business. It depend on the product or service you offer. At the Wealthy Franchise, we take baby steps. IMPLEMENT small at first, MEASURE the results over a couple months, ACCELERATE the campaign that is providing the best feedback.

It takes time. Our partners have worked with over 300 clients. Every campaign is unique and requires a careful look at the goals, the timeframe and the budget.


The Wealthy Franchise has a select number of clients we represent. Typically, our focus is on a few companies that we can have the most impact on. Legal practices, nutrition stores, printing shops, pizza stores and other markets are where we focus.

We help expand locations, provide support and consulting to franchisees and we are experts at marketing trends. Contact us if you would like to discuss your franchise. We work with buyers and sellers.

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