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The service business environment has never been better. While the number of traditional service businesses like retailers, restaurants, and hair salons is likely to remain relatively constant, and some service based industries such as real estate agents are under threat by technology, other service sectors are mushrooming and will probably continue to do so. The promising fields include law, accounting, and insurance.

A service cannot be seen, touched, weighed, tasted, or smelled in the same way as can a garment manufactured for sale in a department store. Because service businesses’ products are typically in the nature of advice and consultation and, therefore, cannot be handled and compared, customers must judge them by a series of perceptions rather than by tangible evidence. And because a service business’s distinguishing characteristic is the close personal relationship between the customer and the service provider, customers’ perceptions are sometimes superficial (like the provider’s appearance.)

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Other benchmarks include the provider’s educational background, experience in the field, and who, if anyone, recommended the provider. The selling and marketing efforts of the service business concentrate on the benefits the customer will get from the service as performed by a particular person, rather than on the service itself. Only in a relatively few businesses (travel agents, insurance salespersons, and real-estate brokers), can the service performed be separated from the owner of the business. Therefore, the service business’s reputation and image are the paramount factors that determine its success.

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HART Legal is soon opening locations in: Ottawa, Brampton Ontario, and Seattle. We are looking for lawyers, attorneys, and investors in Hart Mangement Inc.

*Please note HART Legal has moved away from the law firm franchise model. HART Legal now has an updated model!

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