Why buy a Rayacom Print & Design franchise?

Rayacom Print & Design franchise

Rayacom Print & Design franchise

Are you interested in investing in the print industry? Here is some information we found on the Rayacom Print & Design franchise. The Wealthy Franchise has other investment opportunities available as well, such as HART Legal and Bon Macaron. If you are interested in investing in a legal franchise, you should text 778-676-3808 for more information.

Here is what the Rayacom Print & Design franchise claims to do:

Financing Assistance: We have close connections with banks that may be able to help you secure financing to start your own Rayacom Print & Design anywhere in Canada.

Brand Recognition: Our brand is well known all across Canada. We also have marketing and sales teams available across Canada to help you increase revenue.

Real Estate Development: We have a real estate holding company that can help you secure the best locations and leases anywhere in Canada. By combining market research, real estate experience, understanding of demographics, we can establish the optimum opportunities available to you.

Economies of scale: Since all our locations do orders together, we get huge discounts from suppliers. Assume you are a Rayacom Print & Design franchise owner and you have to order some expensive printing paper. The supplier quotes a price of $5,000 for 500 brochures, and $10,000 for 2,500 copies. While 500 brochures will cost you $10 per brochure, 2,500 will only cost you $4 per brochure. In this case, you can pass on part of the cost advantage of printing a larger number of brochures to your customers. Here’s a link to explain further: http://www.investopedia.com/terms/e/economiesofscale.asp

Training and Assistance:  Once you are granted a Rayacom Print & Design franchise, you will receive training and support from our head office and our local area franchisees. Our area teams are experienced retail operators and are available to assist and guide you as you open and build your franchise.

If you would like more information on investing in profitable businesses such as HART Legal or Bon Macaron, please contact Alistair Vigier below.

Alistair@ 778-676-3808     Email   alistair@thewealthyfranchise.com

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