How Tinder Destroyed Nightclubs

Tinder Destroyed Nightclubs

Tinder is replacing the nightclub industry

Tinder destroyed nightclubs. There is no question about it. Now a days you hear about it all the time. Nightclubs are shutting down or downsizing their staff in record numbers. What happened?

Tinder happened.

In this day and age technology is constantly putting companies and industries out of business.

Netflix destroyed Blockbuster.

Uber is causing chaos in the taxi industry.

Airbnb is reducing the hotel industry’s profit margins.

The moral of the story is that you have to get on the train before you get run over. As a business consultant I see it all the time. I meet with a CEO who has been in the industry for 40 years and has always done well. However, some new product, technology or service that the CEO does not understand has come along and year after year the CEO’s companies margins are being reduced.

New technology replaces outdated business models

As humans we should always be looking for a better way to do something. New technology either saves users money or makes a daunting task easier. The reason why people would rather meet on Tinder instead of going to a nightclub is that it simply reducing a step (an expensive one.) You can instantly get someones number (or on Tinder it’s called matching) and start talking right away. You don’t have to spend $200 on cover, taxis, and buying people drinks before “matching.”

Tinder destroyed nightclubs, HART Legal is innovating the legal industry

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