What Type of Business Owner are You?

There are several ways that you can start up a franchise business. You could go with a bricks and mortar (meaning a storefront or retail type of business) or you could develop a home-based business.

The Wealthy Franchise can help either way. We have franchises in the storefront category (Rayacom Printing, Active Body Nutrition and Senior’s Care).

Some of these decisions are based on your available finances, some are based on your desire to maintain a smaller footprint in terms of employees or lifestyle and some may be due to specific expertise that fits the franchise.

There are a few of our clients who can bridge both gaps: HART Legal is one of those. What this means is that you may start out in a home-based office during the first year and expand to a larger space and infrastructure in the second or third year. It is a great way to keep costs in line as you market your self and the brand you have selected. Moving up to an office is simple and there are many options once you are ready. These franchise operations are set up to help you front the start.

The Wealthy Franchise enjoys the luxury of working with all three of these types of enterprises. It means we can most often match you with the right business opportunity, depending on your circumstances. We determine this during our initial discussions and further documents you fill out to show your finances and your suitability for a particular franchise. Our clients have been chosen very carefully to fill a need in a given market.

The Wealthy Franchise can take time to investigate your goals and help you find the very best fit for your needs. If you have made your mind up on a printing business, that’s great and if you want to start out smaller, maybe an legal franchise may be right. It all depends.

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